Master the 5 Most Powerful Trading Signals to Profit from the Markets

"I will reveal the five most powerful tools that I rely on everyday in order to calculate the odds on each and every trade that I personally take. These powerful signals have stood the test of time in all market conditions and they are as accurate as ever in today's volatile market." - Toni Hansen
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Dear Trader/Investor,

Are you confused and overwhelmed with vast array of trading strategies you are being presented? Do you have indicators upon indicators on your charts. What's the point of having all those fancy bells and whistles when they get in the way of consistently taking gains from the market?

Ever since I starting trading full-time over 15 years ago, I have spent nearly every waking moment studying the markets, as many of those who have run into me online at 3 am can attest to!

For me, trading is more than just a business. It is a passion! When I first began trading, I had no idea where to start. I picked up a few trading books, but simply could not make sense of the plethora of concepts and systems being thrown at me. In frustration, I decided that what I needed was a simple starting point. One idea that caught my eye was that price movements could be broken down into patterns. So the question was, given that even within this specific realm of analysis there was a vast array of differing opinions and styles.

"How can I make this knowledge actually work for me?"

I decided I had to ignore all outside sources of market information and education. I set up my charts and began to build upon the foundation of analyzing price movement, keeping indicators to a minimum.

In time, I learned that many of the concepts I stumbled across were in fact in those books. But discovering them myself enabled me to uncover a lot of the ins and outs that those books do not cover.

Needless to say, I made many wrong turns along the way, but the end result was one of my own making. I was able to avoid many of the more costly mistakes of my counter-parts who would jump from one idea and strategy to the next in the hope of finding the elusive Holy Grail.

In much the same way that human behavior can be broken down into a number of different categories, so can the markets. I think of market in terms of "the bigger picture".

After years of trading the live markets, I have condensed my system down into 5 major technical indicators or tools inherent to every pattern and setup that forms in the market.

I called this system of trading: "5 Powerful Technical Indicators You should NOT Trade WITHOUT"

I will reveal the five most powerful tools that I rely on everyday in order to calculate the odds on each and every trade that I personally take. These powerful signals have stood the test of time in all market conditions and they are as accurate as ever in today's volatile market.

I will show you how to use these five technical signals step-by-step. Every nuance and application will be explained clearly using interactive video and audio in a way that even new traders can easily master and start applying them to the market immediately without feeling confused and overwhelmed. You can watch these videos segments as many times as you like and learn at your own pace. Put these techniques into use immediately and see immediate results.

I will also discuss subtle nuances that even the most advanced traders can use to develop and fine-tune their skills.

These powerful signals apply not only to every time frame from scalping to investing, but to every market from stocks, E-minis, bonds, options, and much more.

The ability to transcend time and markets is just one of the reasons these tools are so powerful and can create long-lasting success.

I like to keep things simple. There are no intricate tools or indicators that you need to learn. Every indicator I use is widely available to anyone with a computer and internet connection and the techniques are such that I was able to teach them to a particularly enthusiastic 7-year-old.

The primary focus of this course is to share these tools with you and to provide you with a solid foundation for your own education as a trader. I will be going over each of these five technical tools in detail, discuss how to compile these tools into workable formulas and techniques and show you how to use them to judge the odds on a trade. I will show you how to evaluate the risk-reward potential on each and every position you are looking at entering, including how to manage these positions once they are open.

If you know me, you will know that I have very high standards about the quality of education I offer to my students. This is a must-have educational resource if you are serious about improving and fine tuning your personal trading. You will agree and I will back it 100% with a no question asked money back guarantee.

All my best,

Toni Hansen


  • Learn how to identify which patterns and trends are going to form in the market before they even begin. Learn how to generate 3 to 8 times more profit from a position as compared to those trading the typical pattern setups, such as the Head & Shoulders pattern or bear flag that are taught online and in most books on technical analysis.
  • Learn how to set a target on a position before you even enter a trade that will not only hit, but hold within a few cents or ticks!
  • Learn how to determine which positions to jump into before a pattern triggers, allowing you to enter before a momentum move even begins!
  • Learn how to immediately discern the probability for success on each and every position you take. Learn how to choose positions that will generate AT LEAST 4 to 1 reward as compared to your initial risk, and often much more!
  • and much more...

Note: Since first creating this DVD course I’ve had a number of questions from both novice, as well as more seasoned traders from all areas of the market. The most common question is whether my course will benefit them. In order to answer this question, I have put together a page addressing the most common questions traders and investors from all walks of the market have asked and describe each section of my course in detail. SEE FULL COURSE CONTENT & WATCH FREE COURSE VIDEO SAMPLES



As a bonus you will also receive my full video course in which I'll demonstrate how I trade the market everyday — without using any indicators!

No Indicators Neccessary Case

In this video presentation, I will first familiarize you with the core building blocks of price development. The components of price development are the bones and musculature of a market’s move and the knowledge of them are indispensable when you are monitoring a security for a setup with huge profit potential to trade.

As the presentation progresses, I strive to instill in you an understanding of the ebb and flow of market moves. It’s essential to understand how the bones and muscles of a price move fit together to create patterns and highly profitable setups in the markets. With this knowledge, you will learn how one pattern evolves and flows into another.

Throughout this one-of-a-kind presentation, I will teach you how to differentiate between an ideal set of criteria to form a perfect trade, as well as how to avoid those which are more likely doomed to fail. more details

A $199 Value


Also Receive my Quick Reference Guide to Successful Market Timing - "Simple Technical Patterns for Every Trader and Investor".

Patterns Book

When it comes to technical analysis itself, there are a number of schools of thought as to what the best strategies and techniques are. My own understanding of the market and the style of technical analysis I have employed over the years has changed a great deal, evolving as my own understanding of the markets has evolved and matured. I have identified a number of highly successful patterns that repeat on virtually all time frames and in every security that I have studied. In this manual I have compiled the setups illustrating my own specific take on how to enter and manage each of these market patterns. Many of these methods vary in some degree from the mainstream teachings of these patterns and my style relies having upon the combination of time frames and identifying patterns within other patterns to aid in the most precise entry and exit timing possible.

A $49 Value


  1. "5 Technical Signals You Should Not Trade Without!"
  2. "No Indicators Necessary!"
  3. "Successful Market Timing Guide"
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Testimonials for "5 Technical Signals You Should NOT Trade Without"

"Hello Toni, I am enjoying your course thoroughly! I have bought MANY books, MANY dvds, (did I say MANY books?), and have joined several websites dealing with the market. I must say that I enjoyed your work through your column in Alan Farley's HRE site, your Market Action Letter remains one of my core reading materials every morning, and now your CDs form an integral part of my ongoing (perhaps even obsessive) market education. They are well conceived, articulate, filled with incredible amounts of timely and incisive information and seem to be appropriate for any level of knowledge for the interested student. It also allows one to pick and choose from either a guided syllabus or individual selections to delve into a particular subject they feel the need to further explore. All in all, a very worthy addition to the educational materials present today, and certainly one of the best. In fact, considering the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on individual courses, and the money spent on one single DVD of an hour or so length, your course is not only quite reasonable but an excellent value. Keep up the good work. Your Market Action Letter has already made me money and saved me money. You're right up there in my "virtual team" of educators that I consult daily to guide my trading. Thank you! Best Wishes." - Tony Carusone

"Hi Toni, I've enjoyed the CD course very much. I was originally interested in it after seeing your use of momentum studies on your website. As expected I found the pace section very educational and helpful. [Your course] explains several concepts that you never see or hear mentioned anywhere else... I would definitely recommend your course to anyone that is interested in, or is already trading. Your unique style of analysis makes it much easier to see and understand basic market structure. Thanks!" - Odie Braden

"Hi Toni! I have just finished your latest.. WOW!! My head still hurts! There is so much material there that we fail to know, understand, and use at our own peril, I don't know where to begin assimilating it all! You have again outdone yourself! Any one who wants to trade successfully, would do well to follow your reasoning and internalize the lessons. After years of trying to do it myself, I am just beginning to REALLY get it. And I STILL have a long way to go! Your works have helped me in the process, immeasurably. Best Regards," - Dave Keller

"Toni, Hope things are going great with you. I thoroughly enjoyed your CDs and the content presented. They are very valuable. Good stuff. I also read your newsletter often. I can continue saying lot of good things about the course. The material is great, and to listen to you speak about how you read the markets is truly inspiring and informative. I have other friends whom I have recommended your CDs who are also are quite happy. I felt the course was very valuable and very useful with lot of great information. Thank you." - Ram P., VA

"Hi Toni, Your course was top notch. I found [pace to be the] most valuable new tool for me. I was always a little frustrated with [the methods from other sites] when the markets reverse. [Their] trading room usually goes into "sit on hands" mode when there is a trend change. This is probably a good thing for novice traders but I always felt there were too many opportunities missed. While I personally would anticipate a trend change at times, your "pace" section has really improved my accuracy and timing in this area. If I could only take one course without considering the price, it would be yours. This is mainly due to the "pace" section. As far as value for your buck is concerned, you win hands down. Your course is a fraction of [a top competitor's] price and since I have it on disc I can review it as much as I want. Your course was awesome. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who was considering trading based on technical analysis. Thanks," - Dave Hawkins

"Hi Toni, I thoroughly enjoyed your 5 Technical Signals course. I've always used a lot of indicators, and it impressed me that one can trade totally without them just by observing what price is doing. Regards," - Helena Jackson

"Toni, I have thoroughly enjoyed your "Trading Made Simple" series that includes the "No Indicators Necessary" CDs. I purchased them last November from you at the Vegas Traders Expo and have viewed them twice already. I find your "Price Action" technical analysis methodology that primarily focuses on trend, pace, support and resistance, and volume dovetails with my trading style. I am quite impressed with the manner in which you have made what so many others have turned complex into visual simplicity... Regards," - Eric Louzau

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