Gap Trading Strategies That Generates Big Profits...In the First Few Hours With Minimal Risks

"I will reveal to you my proven stock selection tactics..." - Toni Hansen
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Dear Trader,

Would you like to learn the stock selection tactics that allow professionals to pull tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, out of the market in only matter of 2-3 hours per day?

Traders who specialize in trading the market gaps gain instant access to the most volatile, and hence the most lucrative, stocks every day. Gap traders are not held hostage by the daily up and down movements of the overall market, nor by the whim of policy makers in Washington.

Better yet, trading momentum gaps requires no overnight scanning and you can easily come in, trade the opening momentum, and be done with your trading day in under two hours!


Opening gaps occur when a stock or index opens at a higher or lower price than it settled at the previous day. Momentum gaps are gaps whose nature favors the creation of substantial continuation or reversal patterns following the open, leading to rapid profit potential with minimal risk in a short period of time.

To learn more about this incredible style of trading, please keep reading....

A number of different types of gaps have been written about or presented to traders to various degrees in a number of forums over the years. Anyone can learn the basic definition of a "breakaway gap", for instance, by performing a simple key phrase search online. While these articles and seminars are useful in helping you to learn the terminology of some of the most popular ways to approach gap trading, often offering you all sorts of statistics on gap closures, percentages, etc., they tend to be less helpful when it comes to taking this data and making it work as viable strategies which stand the test of time.

As those of you who frequent my chatroom on a regular basis can attest to, I typically identify stocks early on that end up among the top performers for the day on an intraday basis for both upside and downside biases. Many of these go on to have strong multi-day moves as well, offering opportunities for swingtraders in addition to pure daytrading action. Other veteran traders in my room also post these watch stocks throughout the day to keep an eye on. For daytraders this also offers a way to build a watch list to focus upon throughout the week following the gap.

In this course, I will share with you not only a core understanding of gaps, but also how to scan for and identify the best ones within minutes of the open each day. I will then proceed to show you top strategies based upon the analysis of the gaps and intraday price action that will allow you to position yourself into the strongest stocks early on in the session


Since many traders in the U.S. equities market are based in Europe , this ability to focus upon the opening price action can allow them to be finished with a nice day of trade under their belt in just a few hours time. Even when I can only stop in for the afternoon, however, I use the same scanning and identification strategies to locate the best continuation and reversal moves in the afternoon as well.

In the process of sharing with you my favorite techniques, I will deliver information on how to time early entries, accurately place stops, how to predict targets, as well as how to time exits on the positions. The class will include actual trade examples and I will even show you setups that "looked" ideal at first glance and yet still failed. Even though I will impart with you my favorites, the class will show you how a setup is analyzed to help you develop and modify your own gap strategies tailored to your individual risk tolerances.

The wealth of information I provide in this course is to an extent that I can guarantee you will not find it elsewhere. The quality provided in this session is tantamount to several one-on-one sessions with me, for only a fraction of the price. I hope you will take advantage of it.

All my best,

Toni Hansen


  • A complete understanding of the different classifications of gaps and which of those have the highest probability for strong momentum moves out of the open, as well as which have the greatest odds of a trend day, and which ones you should avoid entirely.
  • Market timing techniques designed to get you into and out of the market at the most opportune moments and a system you can use to build confidence and eliminate hesitation.
  • In depth discussion of the building blocks upon which predictable price patterns are developed.
  • Extensive training on how to read core price action, WITHOUT having to rely upon any indicators.
  • Risk management techniques that will make it possible for you to conservatively profit at least three times your risk - per trade. It is quite common for these strategies to yield rewards upwards of 10 times the initial risk on gap setups!
  • and much more...


  • The Mastering Momentum Gap video course containing 4 hours of video instruction.
  • The course is available online to all subscribers for instant access.
  • Follow-up support and q/a videos (3 hours)
  • A copy of the Powerpoint slides used in the course so you can print them out and take notes as you go thru the video instructions
  • Market Timing Guide - This 119-page ebook report covers Toni's favorite trading strategies and include examples of each strategy showing both the pros and cons on the setups highlighted. It has been updated to include twice the number of examples of the original compilation.
  • and much more...



  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Common Gaps
  • 3. Oopening Gaps
  • 4. Causes of Opening Gaps
  • 5. The Fadingof the Gap
  • 6. Breakaway Gaps
  • 7. Types of Breaway Gaps
  • 8. Buyout Gaps
  • 9. Trap Gaps
  • 10. Example of a Trap Gap
  • 11. Pivot Channel Break Gap
  • 12. 2-Wave Gap
  • 13. Variation of 2-way Gap
  • 14. 2-Wave Gap
  • 15. Varation of 2-way Gap
  • 16. 2-Wave Flag Gap
  • 17. Example of a Breakaway Gap
  • 18. Triangle Breakaway Gap
  • 19. Example of Triangle Gaps
  • 20. Example of Bull Flag Gap
  • 21. Flag Gap
  • 22. Runaway Gaps 1
  • 23. Runaway Gaps 2
  • 24. Exhaustion Gaps
  • 25. Example of an Exhaustion Gap
  • 26. Momentum Shifts Intraday 1
  • 27. Momentum Shifts Intraday 2
  • 28. Intraday Action 1
  • 29. Intraday Action 2
  • 30. Intraday Action 3
  • 31. Intraday Action 4
  • 32. Gap Clusure and Continuation
  • 33. Scanning for Ideal Gaps
  • 34. Intraday News
  • 35. Index Futures Gaps
  • Follow-up Questions and Answer videos. (3 hours)

Testimonials for "Momentum Gap Trading"

"Hi Toni! I just want to thank you for you efforts in the mentoring session last month. You provided a wealth of information that I'm still digesting and, I'm sure, will be for months to come. It was a wonderful experience and you are truly a gifted and caring instructor.... Sincerely" - - Tom G

"Toni, Thank you for the terrific mentoring program, It's was what I was looking for -- to hear you "thinking out loud". You put a great deal of effort into the program. The information you provided was great and contained a lot of fine detail that I had not heard before. Thank you for sharing, I truly appreciate it." - Al F.

"You are a gifted teacher and probe facts until they are visible. I am grateful for your work!" - Dave Keller

"I really enjoy the real life examples of the setups you are discussing!Thank you!" - Brad Wagner

"Hi Toni, what I liked most about the course is what you cover that nobody else does. I find your course unique and therefore difficult to compare to others which mostly focus on indicator and pattern setup combinations. For the most part they teach what everyone already knows. I would certainly recommend your course to any serious trader." - Larry Grabel