Hello Toni,

I am enjoying your course thoroughly! I have bought MANY books, MANY dvds, (did I say MANY books?), and have joined several websites dealing with the market. I must say that I enjoyed your work through your column in Alan Farley's HRE site, your Market Action Letter remains one of my core reading materials every morning, and now your CDs form an integral part of my ongoing (perhaps even obsessive) market education. They are well conceived, articulate, filled with incredible amounts of timely and incisive information and seem to be appropriate for any level of knowledge for the interested student. It also allows one to pick and choose from either a guided syllabus or individual selections to delve into a particular subject they feel the need to further explore.

All in all, a very worthy addition to the educational materials present today, and certainly one of the best. In fact, considering the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on individual courses, and the money spent on one single DVD of an hour or so length, your course is not only quite reasonable but an excellent value.

Keep up the good work. Your Market Action Letter has already made me money and saved me money. You're right up there in my "virtual team" of educators that I consult daily to guide my trading. Thank you!

Best Wishes,

- Tony Carusone

Hi Toni,

I've enjoyed the CD course very much. I was originally interested in it after seeing your use of momentum studies on your website. As expected I found the pace section very educational and helpful. [Your course] explains several concepts that you never see or hear mentioned anywhere else... I would definitely recommend your course to anyone that is interested in, or is already trading. Your unique style of analysis makes it much easier to see and understand basic market structure.


- Odie Braden

Hi Toni!

I have just finished your latest.. WOW!! My head still hurts! There is so much material there that we fail to know, understand, and use at our own peril, I don't know where to begin assimilating it all! You have again outdone yourself!

Any one who wants to trade successfully, would do well to follow your reasoning and internalize the lessons. After years of trying to do it myself, I am just beginning to REALLY get it. And I STILL have a long way to go! Your works have helped me in the process, immeasurably.

Best Regards,

- Dave Keller

Dear Toni,

I've been trading part-time for 3 years. When I started, I knew zero about the markets. My first year was spent learning the market: how to trade, how to study fundamentals, reading books and scanning the internet. The second year, I was so confused with all of the information that I didn't trade much as I didn't have a direction. Now, I find myself swing trading and looking only at technicals. I have made money, each year I traded, but not a lot.

This year, I've made the most by far. I first heard about you when you scheduled to speak at our Trader's club in Tampa [in October 2007]. I purchased your course at that event and subscribed to your newsletter, which I look forward to reading each morning. The detail given in that letter is very educational and I thank you for making it available. I notice two things right away about you that stand out. First, your market knowledge is very comprehensive and you implement strategies in a well rounded manner. This gives me confidence that as a teacher, you will most present a most rounded approach. Many traders just mine one vein with one tool, but you work them all and use a whole bag of tools. Second, The way you use Pace changes to predict the extent of a move is genius. It makes total sense: an object with a lot of momentum tends to overshoot and with less momentum tends to undershoot. This creates zones instead of hard, fast points of resistance, support, projections, etc. This has helped me to focus on overall movements. Even technicals can be too technical. Trading must be an art, not a science. However, like any art, you must use the tools of the trade. I use pace and volume to predict directional changes and I use your method of zooming to shorter time periods for entering a position.

My future education will focus on your information. I look forward to getting into your Fibonacci reports as I find them fascinating. Whatever you decide to do, sign me up! Thanks for all that you do. Best


- Fred Didden

Dear Toni,

I enjoyed your course very much and found it original and extremely useful.

Best wishes,

- Dr. Sandor Alfoldi

Dear Toni,

To offer some feedback on your course, allow me to start with the personal stuff. I like your course because I like you. For one - you responded to the first email I ever sent to you and you offered your help on any questions in the future. You have always replied to my emails. You do excellent chart work with notes, etc. You offer free help for short term traders and position traders. On top of that, you are a mother who seems to love her children. So with all that good stuff that makes you who you are, I would probably like your course even if it was a dud. But ... it is not a dud. Here's why I would say that.

The thing I liked most about your course is that it goes along with your daily blog which is free. I figured if I wanted to get the most out of your blog and position trader newsletter then I would benefit from the course. For me, I look at the course as a tool to understand your daily comments better.

Another thing I liked about your course is that it is very well organized with great presentations. I think the examples, etc. are to the point yet they are also complete. Your course is easy to understand without being too long or too short in the details of the subject at hand.

Probably the best thing I like about your course and your blog is that you do not come across as the one who knows "the secret" about the market. So many try to pull people in by claiming they have some secret formula which no one else knows about. I like the way you do it ... showing the answers or the secret to lie in the charts.

In my chart analysis, I have become much more aware of "pace" which is something I never thought of until you pointed it out. Not saying that I have mastered pace analysis yet but I am aware of it.

For the money - your course is a great buy when one considers the amount of teaching time that is received in the course. There are courses which cost about the same amount of money and they only offer minutes of instruction. In contrast, your course offers hours of instruction.

I would certainly recommend your course to other traders. I have pointed several people to your blog site. You seem like a wonderful person. You seem like the kind of person that would be great to have as a neighbor that lived next door or across the street. We all love you and appreciate you for the help that you offer to all of us traders. May you and your entire family be blessed throughout the rest of this year in every way. Thanks again for your diligent help to traders. We need the help and we love it when we find genuine people who are willing to help.


- Tommy Beard


Hope things are going great with you. I thoroughly enjoyed your CDs and the content presented. They are very valuable. Good stuff. I also read your newsletter often. I can continue saying lot of good things about the course. The material is great, and to listen to you speak about how you read the markets is truly inspiring and informative. I have other friends whom I have recommended your CDs who are also are quite happy. I felt the course was very valuable and very useful with lot of great information.

Thank you.

- Ram P., VA

Hi Toni,

Your course was top notch. I found [pace to be the] most valuable new tool for me. I was always a little frustrated with [the methods from other sites] when the markets reverse. [Their] trading room usually goes into "sit on hands" mode when there is a trend change. This is probably a good thing for novice traders but I always felt there were too many opportunities missed. While I personally would anticipate a trend change at times, your "pace" section has really improved my accuracy and timing in this area.

If I could only take one course without considering the price, it would be yours. This is mainly due to the "pace" section. As far as value for your buck is concerned, you win hands down. Your course is a fraction of [a top competitor's] price and since I have it on disc I can review it as much as I want. Your course was awesome. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who was considering trading based on technical analysis.


- Dave Hawkins

Hi Toni,

I thoroughly enjoyed your 5 Technical Signals course. I've always used a lot of indicators, and it impressed me that one can trade totally without them just by observing what price is doing.


- Helena Jackson


I have thoroughly enjoyed your "Trading Made Simple" series that includes the "No Indicators Necessary" CDs. I purchased them last November from you at the Vegas Traders Expo and have viewed them twice already. I find your "Price Action" technical analysis methodology that primarily focuses on trend, pace, support and resistance, and volume dovetails with my trading style. I am quite impressed with the manner in which you have made what so many others have turned complex into visual simplicity...


- Eric Louzau

Hi Toni,

I purchased your course in Jan 2008. I originally started trading 1 and a half years ago took a 2 day options seminar in a hotel. Learned how to trade options but had no idea of where and why and when the stock would move. Your course is perfect for me as I had some knowledge of how to trade but this showed me to see the market and stocks with a high probability of direction and price movement. I have been able to apply your course material to swing trading off daily charts and am having much fun with the results. It seems the more charts I look at in all time frames I am seeing things developing and am finding more great trades. This much education for such a good price is great .There is so much info in the course I will have to take it 3 times or more before it all sinks in. Thanks for the great education Toni.

- Brad Thomas

Hello Toni,

Without doubt - the most interesting and intriguing and NEW concept for me is "Pace". It has enabled me to analyze my charts with a new vigor and confidence. I think it is one of those concepts that's "So Obvious" after the fact that you wonder why didn't I notice this before. Thanks for a very well done tutorial.


- Tom Frisby


I thought you did an excellent job on the material overall, don't think I could have done better myself (lol). I thought the topics and examples flowed well from one concept to the other.

The thing I liked most about it were the examples that you gave that reinforced the theory. I try to use your pace and measured move concepts to predict future price movement and to monitor price behavior while in a trade to improve my trading.

Compared to other courses I have taken I must say yours is one of the better ones especially as far as providing some ideas which are beneficial and not normally found.

All my best,

- George Miksch


I love the course... Thanks for the work you've put into [it].

- Ric Pennington

Dear Toni,

When I first became interested in the market I read dozens of market books from the Minneapolis Public Library. At this point I have about 75 market books on the shelf and got I rid of more than twice that many before we moved to Las Vegas. Over the years I've bought several instructional videos and video series, I've attended many, many seminars ranging from no-cost sessions of just a few hours to fairly costly sessions of as long as five days. There was something of value in every video and in every session. But I honestly don't think any of them were as great a value as your course. That amount of valuable information is not available anywhere else at that price.

The parts of the course that have been most helpful to me are your discussions of pace and trend development. What I learned about viewing momentum from your thoughts on pace has been very helpful. I had never seen it anywhere before I first attended one of your sessions at a Las Vegas Traders Expo a few years ago. Your ideas on trend development have also been helpful - especially price behavior within trading ranges. My trading of breakouts and breakdowns has been much improved as a result of it. In addition to what I mentioned above, I use the printed material for frequent review of your "5 basics", because I think constant awareness of them is essential to good trading.

I would most certainly recommend your course to anyone involved in the market who thinks they could be doing better, and to anyone who wants to keep drilling themselves in the basics as I do. I know traders who rely heavily on esoteric indicators, but I think, as in any game, being very skilled at the fundamentals will provide the most benefit. In my opinion that's what you offer. Your work has been very helpful to me, and you're also the nicest and most generous "market guru" I've known. I hope we're going to see you at the Las Vegas Traders Expo again this year.

Best regards,

- Earl Stallmann


I found your instruction to be quite informative and useful. I honestly can’t think of anything that I would like you to add...

- Jim Petre

Hi Toni,

What I liked most about the course is what you cover that nobody else does. For me this means pace. I now find myself constantly judging the strength and comparing the velocity and volume of each move of a two or three wave pattern. I had never even thought to do this before. It takes a lot of practice to get it right, but I seem to be getting better at it. Somehow I seem to be getting the feel of what a stock or the market is going to be doing next.

I find your course unique and therefore difficult to compare to others which mostly focus on indicator and pattern setup combinations. For the most part they teach what everyone already knows. I would certainly recommend your course to any serious trader.

- Larry Grabel

Hi T,

Great course! J I incorporated in the analysis part of my trading method right away. I trade index futures during the US session and Forex during the European session. Keep up the good work.

Kind regards,

- Wim Vandevelde

A NY-Times article 'How to grow a super-athlete' on the training on the phenomenal Russian tennis-players pointed out that the single most important word in their training would be technique. And to get the technique right you have to know the fundamentals... and practice applying them a lot! You will not learn to play tennis with Toni's valuable material, but it will make you a better trader for sure. Why? Because she focuses on the fundamentals of technical analysis. Toni's building blocks help a trader understand why the same head and shoulders pattern does not always produce the same result. It could have to do with any or several of the building blocks of Toni's system: volume, support, pace, etc. The manual and accompanying charts and cd's will detail each of these blocks clearly and show you how to apply them. They really work across instruments and timeframes and help a trader improve the odds.

After studying Toni's material you might still be trading the same pullbacks, breakouts, or head and shoulder patterns like you always did. Or you might start to notice phoenixes and avalanches all over the place. But one thing is certain: more of your trades will be winners, your risk/reward will get better and overall your trading results will greatly improve. You will find yourself going back studying, applying the theory in practice and continuously improving. As always practice makes perfect. My results have greatly improved after studying this simple but eye-opening material. These same fundamentals still help me discover the finer nuances of price development and improving my results. Toni's material was a jump start to my trading.

- Oscar W.


I liked the book and CD combination which allowed me study just about anywhere.

- John Lesch,

Hi Toni,

I really like the way you have the course broken down into smaller sections for study. It has made it much easier to follow and to jump right back into where I left off. Being able to view a couple of the lessons and then go back to work and then jump right back is a great benefit to me. I also really enjoy the "real life" examples of the setups you are discussing. Watching as you describe pace makes for a much easier learning experience. It is something I have struggled with for a long time, and after watching the video examples I am finally starting to understand and starting to apply it to my trading. That being said I would highly recommend your course to anyone. Your course is easy to follow, very insightful and enjoyable.

Thank You

- Brad Wagner


I enjoy being with you in the room and enjoying your humor. You are a gifted teacher, and probe facts until they are visible. I am grateful for your work and for my receipt of your programs....

- Dick Spalding

Hi Toni

I bought your course back in March, I was a new trader without intraday trading experience (only bought and sold mutual funds as an investor before). In the past six month, I studied your course and have learned a great deal from you. I have been trading a simulation account for two months now, applying what I have learned, and discovering strategies and style best suited for myself before I will risk my real capital.

Concepts in your course that helped me best in my trading are:

- Pace: it helps me to be in sync with the price movement and really feel the market

- Trend development: it helps me to understand how set ups develop in different trend structure, as a result, I am getting better and better in looking at a setup in one time frame and have the picture of the pattern on other timeframes without looking at other timeframes. One setup I see often is a Bull/Bear flag on 5min, and I use a Phoenix/Avalanche on 1/2min to trigger.

- Certain patterns such as the Avalanche and Phoenix I trade them everyday. I went over LBR's materials again in this week and had many aha moments after two month live sim-trading, I am pretty sure if I study your course the second time (which I plan to begin soon), I will also have many new insights.

Thank you so much for your course, I really enjoyed it, and Yes, I would start my husband on your course first if he shows interest in trading.

- JD

Hello Toni,

I love your course. It is logical, easy, clear, and makes sense. Best of all it is not complicated. The graphics are good and the program is easy to navigate in. I wouldn’t change anything.

- Bill Baumner

Hi Toni,

I hope you are doing well. I really liked course course. Some of it, obviously, given my learning from you for so many years, was familiar. Pace, however, I realized is something I don't always key in on. I have been using it a lot intraday to help anticipate if a move is actually "too strong" to be a flag, that sort of thing. Sometimes a move will feel strong, but when you check the pace of the entire move, it is not. I also was prompted to compare the pace back a few moves, or I get sucked in like the rest in a strong up swing after a strong down swing -- and now I tell myself to just expect range bound action, not a continuation of either direction.

A few tidbits from the last go through that I found helpful: Support levels will be tested but by a move that is shy, and then retested. I knew that, of course, but when I'm watching for a trade, I easily forget. Since I trade mostly reversals, then I am caught either sitting out another, closer test, or worse, stopped out just before my trade goes. This was a good verification that the old adage "no triple bottoms/tops" is simply not true.

I've also been using volume to spot contraction better, instead of just using it for confirmation.

Thanks again for your courses and all your teachings over the years.

- Lisa Neal

Hi Toni,

Your course is head and shoulders above anything else I have come across, thank you so much for your contribution to trading education! Your course has been very helpful to me and I have enjoyed it very much. I am a visual learner like yourself and so your course was perfect for me especially with the concepts of pace, volume analysis and key turn times of the day. It has helped me develop nearly pinpoint accuracy for impending turning points or trend continuation, it’s the best! I really like when I see a confluence of your patterns merge on a chart with key S/R levels like Pivots, Fib retrace levels, and value area hi/lo and POC. Your course has also been instrumental for me when determining risk parameters and bet sizing. I use variable bet sizing based on volatility measures and when everything lines up I put the pedal to the metal and watch the profits accumulate like snow on a beautiful winter’s day. I will confess that occasionally I add one or two indicators to my charts, mostly oscillator stuff, but 90% of the time I stick to your course material verbatim. Using the information I have learned from your course I have not had a red monthly P/L yet. The markets I have traded with your course are the YM, NQ, ES, EUR/USD and GBP/USD, but I am sure it will work on any market with decent volume. Thanks a million~

Kind regards,

- Rich Menear

Hi Toni,

I absolutely loved your series. It has helped me tremendously in my trading. There was so much information packed in the series that I continually go back for references and examples. Thanks for all of your help. I always look forward to reading your daily and position trader newsletters. I would definitely recommend your course..

Best Regards,

- Norm Rohde

Hi Toni,

I love your course. It is well planned and easy to follow, brought my trading to the next level. I have and will continue to recommend your course to the others. Thank you again for your hard work and continually educating us.


- Karlo Vartan

Dear Toni,

I have enjoyed your course very much and wish that I had learned this information years ago. Even though I have studied several courses in the past I found your material contained many important lessons that were new to me and very useful. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to have a better technical understanding of the price movement of securities.

I liked that your material teaches the basics of price and volume patterns and doesn't over-emphasize or promote some new indicator. As a swing and position trader I found your lessons on pace, trend development, low volume, and using multiple time frames to see these lessons in action to be the most enlightening and beneficial. I have found it easiest to apply these lessons to enter bull or bear flags as well as to locate good exits points.

Thanks for all your help.

- Martin Manchester

Thank you Toni...

I revisited cd's section with momentum and pace again... Your explanation of transected lines also answers me a question why "the ability to draw a trend line" is an art. Since markets are so dynamic and nothing is perfect to the tick, the "best fit" might be the BEST. It just depends where it happens (price) and also how it happens (volume, slope of transected line). The exact price levels are very important to me as a zones (that's where the prior move stopped at). By applying the transected lines and volume as the price approaches an "old support/resistance level" it gives me a "hint" to react there or do nothing.

Thank you,

- Derek, Las Vegas

Hi Toni,

Without any doubt, your work is a must in the Trader's ToolBox and I regularly refer to it. As a result I can only recommend it very strongly to any serious trader.

Thank you again.

- Robert Beauvais

Hi Toni,

I enjoyed listening to and reading through your training materials. I think you did a great job putting it together and it obviously was a lot of work. Of course, there's no substitution for screen time, but I think your course does a good job of relating the fundamentals necessary to create a solid foundation. What I liked most about the course was your follow-up of theory with examples, and then your use of questions and answers toward the end of the chapter. I have recommended your course to others and will continue to do so. I think it is quite a bargain for the amount of information you provide.

Best Regards,

- Victor, NJ