5-Week Forex Trading Boot Camp

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Dear Trader,

Finally! After a very long and crazy winter, Spring has arrived! And with it... A brand new trading boot camp! For the next 4 weeks, I'll be teaching a LIVE trading class that focuses purely on Forex trading. (A 5th week on Forex Fundamentals is currently available for download.)

Each session will last for 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours.

In this new boot camp, we will begin by developing a strong background in forex trading, including my favorite trading pairs and the best times of the day to catch a strong strategy. From that point onward, I will share with you my personal trading system, developed from over 15 years of online trading experience.

I feel very strongly that "seeing is believing". When there are so many options to choose from when it comes to learning to trade, if you haven't actually seen your teacher "prove" his or her methodology with live market analysis, how do you know that it actually works?

In this boot camp, as in all of my classes, I will be using a combination of past and present examples to illustrate how the concepts I've taught in Forex trading over the years are just as strong today as in years past. In the "past" examples, we will look at trades that were developing at the time I taught different classes over the years and how they followed through even after the class was over.

We will then look at current price development in the currency markets and you will learn how I apply the strategies I will be teaching you LIVE as those same strategies unfold in real time. Confidence is key when it comes to trading successfully and having confidence in your trading system can be the difference between a mediocre stint in the market or a brilliant and long-lasting career.

I am confident that this class will make a difference in how you view the markets and that you will learn more about the nuances of a successful trading strategy than ever before.

If at any time during the course of this class you do not feel it is right for you, just let me know and I will refund you 100% of the cost of the course.


"Toni, Thank you for the terrific mentoring program, It's was what I was looking for -- to hear you "thinking out loud". You put a great deal of effort into the program. The information you provided was great and contained a lot of fine detail that I had not heard before. Thank you for sharing, I truly appreciate it." - Al F.

"You provided a wealth of information that I'm still digesting... It was a wonderful experience and you are truly a gifted and caring instructor.... " Sincerely, - Tom G

"You are a gifted teacher and probe facts until they are visible. I am grateful for your work!" - Dick Spalding

“I am impressed!!! Great work ‘outside the box’! Yes!” – John Merutka

"Hi Toni, what I liked most about the course is what you cover that nobody else does. I find your course unique and therefore difficult to compare to others which mostly focus on indicator and pattern setup combinations. For the most part they teach what everyone already knows. I would certainly recommend your courses to any serious trader." - Larry Grabel

(Note: This class is live, but a download will be made available 24 hrs following each of the live sessions for those that cannot attend every week or wish to review the material following the class.)


  • May 21st - Forex Trading Fundamentals (This week's class is now available as a download.)
  • A look at the different approaches to currency trading: The spot market, FX futures (including micros and minis), FX options, and currency ETF trading.
  • Technical trading vs. fundamental trading and how fundamentals factor into currency trading.
  • What are most important economic reports and indicators to watch for when trading currencies and how do they affect price movement?
  • FX trading hours - When are the BEST times to trade?
  • What are the differences between the currency pairs? Which ones offer the best trading opportunities?
  • Reading and understanding currency quotes
  • Position or swing trading versus daytrading
  • How to manage your risk when trading currencies

Day 2 - The MOST IMPORTANT Building Blocks of Currency Trading

Think like an artist... Developing a unique, yet simple style of market analysis.

Momentum trading: A look at how the momentum moves within a currency pair will provide solid insight into future price development

Tricky Trends: Understanding trend development and where a currency is trading in both the larger and smaller trends can make the difference between taking a false trigger or hitting a home run

DAY 3 - Part II of the Most Important Building Blocks of Currency Trading

Timing is Everything: An in-depth look at how the time it takes a strategy to develop will impact its success. Is your trade too early to enter, too late, or is the timing spot on?

Floors and Ceilings: Reading support and resistance levels in the forex market

Fibonacci and Forex: A look at the role Fibonacci levels play in forex trading

DAY 4 - Strategies that WORK - Putting a Trading System into Play

Trend Trading Strategies - The pros and cons of Toni's favorite continuation strategies and how to trade them: Breakouts and 2-Wave Continuations

Trend Reversal Strategies - The pros and cons of Toni's favorite reversal strategies and how to trade them: Momentum Reversals, 2-Wave Corrections, 2Bs and 2Ts

Question & Answer: Your chance to ask Toni any questions you may have about the material covered throughout the course of the boot camp. Additional questions are also welcome via email.

DAY 5 - The Next Step

Live Market Analysis: Putting your skills to the test!

Question & Answer: Your chance to ask Toni any questions you may have about the material covered throughout the course of the boot camp. Additional questions are also welcome via email.

Additional feedback from prior class attendees:

“Well-organized lecture! As a trader who was a musician first, I appreciated your artistic perspective!” – Don Sanborn III

“Excellent! Bravo! In an industry dominated by relatively incomprehensible men, this was a breath of fresh air!” – John Kotonis

“As always, a wonderful job, Toni. I look forward to your next class!” – Earl Stallman

“Excellent job. You are a great speaker and covered a lot of content in a short time frame!” – John McCoy

“Great presentation! You teach very well.” – Wayne Wilson

“Very informative – No one else has covered the material I’ve seen you cover. Thank you.” – Belinda Schlack

“Excellent material and very well presented!” – Lance Ralston

“Excellent presentation making your approach very clear. I’m looking forward to learning more.” – Mike McBurney

“Very nice, original, and useful.” – Bob Young

“Fantastic presentation! Thank you for your insights.” – Dave Langford

"I really enjoy the real life examples of the setups you are discussing! Thank you!" - Brad Wagner