Simple Steps to Trading Discipline: Increasing Profits with Habits You Already Have!

☆☆☆ Silver medal winner of the 2010 Axiom Business Book Awards.

☆☆☆ 1st place in the 2011 TraderPlanet STAR Awards.

Simple Steps to Trading Discipline

Are you interested in achieving financial freedom through trading? The key is building a trading strategy that fits your personality and makes it realistic, even simple, to stick to your plan. In this step-by-step guide, Toni Hansen reveals the keys to building an effective trading system that will generate easy profits -- and how you can stick to it for the long run. With more than a dozen years of experience trading professionally, as well as educating other traders, she truly knows how to navigate the markets with success. In this new book, she will show you how to build your own roadmap to financial independence.

Logical: Let Toni teach you how to lay the foundation for the development of a trading system that will help you identify and manage opportunities in the market. Learn how to be objective, logical, and confident in your response to the markets when you are presented with new trading opportunities.

Personal: Use Toni's Tips to uncover your individual strengths and weaknesses, to personalize your approach to the markets based on your natural abilities, and to make trade analysis part of your daily life and trading routine.

Profitable: Combine Toni's five building blocks of price development to cultivate the mindset of a professional trader, and identify the top money-making patterns. Determine your most profitable time periods and your most lucrative strategies to improve accuracy and boost your bottom line.

Axiom Award

Whether you're new to the markets or need to refocus your trading, Toni's new book will lend invaluable insight to the causes of your most frustrating dilemmas, teach you how to solve them, and show you the way to big profits!

With a foreword by New Market Wizard Linda Bradford Raschke, President of LBRGroup, Inc., CTA, and President of LBR Asset Management. "Designed to lay out a very sophisticated foundation for your individual trading, Toni's book provides traders of all experience levels tools for developing the basic building blocks. Each page builds upon the previous to reach a final goal--increasing one's confidence level, one of the key ingredients for market success. The more detailed your roadmap, the greater the confidence you will have..."


"I love the book--the conversational tone, the organization of ideas, and the deep pool of knowledge Toni brings to the subject. Toni builds a house every trader should live in--or at least tour. More than any one aspect of a trader s engagement with the market, her holistic approach leaves a trader better prepared for a lifetime of learning and profiting from any market condition. If I could pair a methodology most aligned with Trade Ideas decision support and risk management capabilities, it would be Toni's." - David M. Aferiat, Managing Partner, Trade Ideas LLC

"Toni Hansen's excellent new book provides a wide range of insights, tools and techniques that will help serious-minded traders at all experience levels. Combining her unique market view with traditional technical analysis, Hansen's well-written narrative addresses all phases of short-term trading development." - Alan Farley

"Toni shares her depth of knowledge and experience in Simple Steps to Trading Discipline. You hear a lot of experts say 'keep a trading journal', but Toni goes into detail about why you need to use one and gives specific examples about how it can help you make more money. Applying the lessons from this book will help you trade with more confidence." - Dave Mabe, Chief Architect, Stock Tickr


"This is a great trading book that covers two important aspects of trading: discipline and keeping a trading journal. Author Toni Hansen shows the reader how to correctly track each trade by logging it as soon as possible after it happens to capture the thoughts and emotions linked to that trade. She also shows how to analyze the type of trade it was, the time of day it took place, and the method you used, by doing this you can more clearly see your strengths and weaknesses in different types of trades. You will use the information you gather to correct your losing trades by adjusting areas that you see are causing losses, it could be to big of position sizing in a certain trade, you may have entered the trade to late, or traded a security that does not fit your personality.

By keeping an accurate trading journal this book shows how you can track, analyze, correct, and learn to be a better trader and profit from this education. While the keeping of a trading journal is the main theme of the book it also offers great advice for good trading. You must focus your trades on markets and securities you know well. You must have a focused trading plan and master the art of reading price action in the markets. New traders must narrow down this field and discover the areas of the market for which they have the most natural aptitude. When trading, the ability to think and act swiftly without hesitation is a major key to your success..." - Steve Burns

"Use a journal or lose your dough - it's a simple enough message but Toni's "Simple Steps" is a wakeup call for those of us who haven't managed to persistently do so. She accepts no excuses, guys. A journal will enhance trading performance and give long-lasting pleasure." - Anonymous, Amazon.com

"Trading Journal...very important! Very! This was a serendipitous find. I was working on tweaking my trading plan and trying to plug in all the holes when I found Hansen's book. It was helpful in finding where my weaknesses lay. I heard of her from before and liked how she started trading and her own path to "success" as it was. She stresses that keeping a trading journal is one of the most important things you can do in order to become a better, more successful trader." - Krash, Chicago, IL


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Testimonials for Toni Hansen

"Dear Toni, I want to thank you for sharing the knowledge and insights you have gained over the years as a professional trader. I would recommend your CD and mentoring to anyone serious about consistently making money in the market, regardless of market conditions. As an experienced investor who has watched you firsthand, it is clear that you are a world class trader. Thanks for helping me become a better trader." - Guy Allen, Florida

“I owe you so much when it comes to my development as a trader. You have been a guiding light... I will always look back on you as a key element in that success. Thank you so very much...” - Greg

“Anyone who is trading needs your guidance for the education of trading. Your education of trading aspects is the GREATEST thing I have ever used. I learned more in two weeks from you, than from any books I read. THANKS AGAIN!” - Clarence E. Austin

“I'm done for the day and am very pleased...I have taken all your calls and follow them to the T...the NQ ones that is (trade QQQQ) and I play the gaps in the morning also (I'll take the 71% chance anytime)...I have turned myself around...First time in months...Thank-you! ”- Richard Widen

“I hope that everyone truly understands just how fundamentally sound and accurate your market trading strategies and concepts are. I have been trading for quite some time, and I just want you to know that I have been so very impressed with your substance based upon sound trading fundamentals and not "fluff" THANK YOU...” - Randall Morrow

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