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    Toni is one of the most respected technical analysts and traders in the industry with a high reputation for accuracy in both bull and bear markets. She began her trading career as an equity swing trader and has since expanded into many other sectors of the market. Her style of trading and market analysis transcends both time as well as market vehicles, making it attractive to investors and trader of stocks, futures, options, ETFs, and even the FOREX market. More about Toni »


    Learn to Master Tools of Elite Traders

    In this groundbreaking, 10-hour multi-media course, Toni shares with you the 5 most powerful trading signals she uses to extract consistent profits from the market. These are the same indicators Toni relies on every day in order to calculate the odds on each and every trade she personally takes. These powerful signals have stood the test of time in all market conditions and they are as accurate as ever in today's volatile market. Full Course Detail »


    Take Profits Early In The Trading Day...

    Do you want to learn how to identify the most favorable opening plays in even the most volatile markets? Momentum gaps are trading gaps whose nature favors the creation of substantial continuation or reversal patterns following the open, leading to rapid profit potential with minimal risk in a short period of time. Traders who specialize in trading the market gaps gain instant access to the most volatile, and hence the most lucrative, stocks every day. Full Course Detail »


    Learn By Seeing The Market in Real Time...

    A lot of the education I do with traders is live, because I do feel there is a huge benefit to seeing things unfold in real time. At the same time, it’s still really great to see examples from trades that have taken place over the years to provide added confirmation that a system really does work over time and in many markets and time frames. More on Live Training »


    Know When Take Profit...

    The ability to understand trend development and recognize the signs that a trend is nearing completion is a skill any technical trader must master if they hope to achieve long-term success. »

"Fibonacci Mastery" is designed to give you a complete understanding of and the total capability for applying Fibonacci profitably to your trading. Get ready for the most comprehensive, yet easily absorbed set of concepts and rules… that you’ll be able to add to your trading plan for increased profits. Most successful traders use Fibonacci as the backbone of long-term success. more info

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Toni Hansen is one of the few contemporary trading mentors able to speak from this seat of power... – Alan Farley
Anyone who is trading needs your guidance for the education of trading. Your education of trading aspects is the GREATEST thing I have ever used. I learned more in two weeks from you, than from any books I read. THANKS AGAIN!– Clarence E. Austin
I hope that everyone truly understands just how fundamentally sound and accurate your market trading strategies and concepts are. I have been trading for quite some time, and I just want you to know that I have been so very impressed with your substance based upon sound trading fundamentals and not "fluff" THANK YOU..– Randall Morrow

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Getting Started

Selecting a Trading Style - When a novice trader first enters the marketplace, s/he is bombarded with decisions regarding where to begin and what approach to take when it comes to trading and/or investing. There are as many styles of successful trading as there are traders, and which direction a trader takes is a very personal decision... read »

8 Traits of a Successful Trader - The market is an ever-changing entity, each day presenting us with different and unique scenarios with no two days every the same. Nevertheless, the market is more or less a reflection of people's ideas and attitudes and while it is also true that no two people are alike, each and every one of us has something in common with someone else... read »

Fear and Greed - Fear and Greed are two of the emotions that traders and investors know best. You have often heard that these are the emotions that drive the market. The Greed of missing out on the market going higher causes people to buy in at the top of a run thus keeping it going higher and higher until there are no more fools to buy..... read »

Money Management - There really are a lot of ways to make money in the market. There are tons of seminars you can pay for that will tell you "How I made $1 katrillion dollars in the stock market" and its sister book "How I Double my Money Every Hour" is available in many different forms... read »

Technical Analysis

An Introduction to Technical Analysis - My style of trading is based upon technical analysis. This means that I look for patterns in price movement to give me a directional bias for a security or the overall market itself. In this segment I will share with you a couple of the technical tools which I use to assist me with locating the highest probability positions each and every trading day.... read »

Is The Trend Really Your Friend? - It is one of the most well-worn adages of technical analysis. But how many times have you bought a security off a support level in an uptrend, or shorted it off resistance in a downtrend, only to watch in disappointment as those support or resistance levels fail to hold, resulting in yet another stop?... read »

Support & Resistance

Utilizing Support and Resistance Levels – Part 1 - Applying basic price levels to identify support and resistance levels. read »

Utilizing Support and Resistance Levels – Part 2 - Applying trend lines and channel analysis to identify support and resistance levels. read »

Utilizing Support and Resistance Levels – Part 3 - Applying moving averages for identifying support and resistance levels. read »

Utilizing Support and Resistance Levels – Part 4 - Applying Fibonacci levels to identify support and resistance levels with a focus on EMini trading. read »


Trading Discipline Book

The key is building a trading strategy that fits your personality and makes it realistic, even simple, to stick to your plan. In this step-by-step guide, Toni Hansen reveals the keys to building an effective trading system that will generate easy profits...