3 Top Losing Strategies

Dear Trader,

Everyone that picks up a book on technical analysis would like to assume that they will be able to take the strategies that are taught in those books and apply them to their own trading. That they will be able to locate those strategies and see the patterns unfold at real time and that they can use the entry and stop triggers taught in those books and be able to make consistent profits on them. The problem is that if you implement these strategies verbatim without looking at anything else, you will lose money in the long run.

In the presentation, I will show you the top 3 popular strategies that will lose you money if you implement them the way they are traditionally taught. Then I will show you how to alter these strategies to make consistent profits.

All my best,

Toni Hansen


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Testimonials for Toni Hansen

"Dear Toni, I want to thank you for sharing the knowledge and insights you have gained over the years as a professional trader. I would recommend your CD and mentoring to anyone serious about consistently making money in the market, regardless of market conditions. As an experienced investor who has watched you firsthand, it is clear that you are a world class trader. Thanks for helping me become a better trader." - Guy Allen, Florida

“I owe you so much when it comes to my development as a trader. You have been a guiding light... I will always look back on you as a key element in that success. Thank you so very much...” - Greg

“Anyone who is trading needs your guidance for the education of trading. Your education of trading aspects is the GREATEST thing I have ever used. I learned more in two weeks from you, than from any books I read. THANKS AGAIN!” - Clarence E. Austin

“I'm done for the day and am very pleased...I have taken all your calls and follow them to the T...the NQ ones that is (trade QQQQ) and I play the gaps in the morning also (I'll take the 71% chance anytime)...I have turned myself around...First time in months...Thank-you! ”- Richard Widen

“I hope that everyone truly understands just how fundamentally sound and accurate your market trading strategies and concepts are. I have been trading for quite some time, and I just want you to know that I have been so very impressed with your substance based upon sound trading fundamentals and not "fluff" THANK YOU...” - Randall Morrow

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