Friday Trading Group

NOTICE: Toni is currently on sabbatical from weekly live trading group, but we encourage you to check out classic Toni Hansen market education programs here. Please also subscribe to our mailing list to receive information on upcoming live training events in 2016 and 2017.

Thank you for your interest in participating in my weekly trading group! This group is currently open to the public, so feel free to invite fellow traders to join us! We begin the session at about: 1:00 PM ET every Friday.

Be sure to sign up (on side bar) to get access to full-resolution recordings of all sessions and to receive the weekly registration link.

This group is interactive so I want to encourage your participation! In addition to my own scanning, I take time each week to review your own watch lists as well and incorporate them into our weekly discussions. Even if you are not purely a swing trader, feel free to stop by since the tools and techniques used to locate these strategies can be applied to intraday time frames as well and I place a great deal of emphasis on education. Plus, each session begins with a larger market outlook for the week ahead!


Each session is 90 minutes long, but I know that many of you cannot stay for the entire session. To make these sessions the most beneficial to those attending, the format for upcoming sessions will be as follows:

  • 1st - Market Outlook: Each session begins with an overview of the major indices, including the Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite and Russell 2000. We will also look at silver, gold, oil, and the major currency pairs. I will share with you not only where I think these markets are heading next, but also WHY!
  • 2nd - Long Strategies: Next we will look at buy strategies forming in individual securities. Inverse ETFs will also fall into this portion of our schedule.
  • 3rd - Short Strategies: Thirdly we will move onto shorting strategies developing in securities.
  • 4th - Q&A and Education: Finally, I will wrap up with the final half hour of our session with additional Q&A and education.


REGISTER TO RECEIVE RECORDINGS OF ALL SESSIONS - Each session is recorded and archived for those who are unable to attend. The recordings will be available by Saturday afternoons. Be sure to register above to receive the links to the recordings. These recordings will allow you to review any session prior to the week ahead that you were not able attend live (or just want to watch again!). You will also receive a list of the day's selections, and additional securities to add to your own watch list.


In order to familiarize you with my style of market analysis, in the weeks ahead you will receive a number of lessons and articles via email, including details on some of my favorite strategies and how they are traded. You will also be among the first to be notified for any upcoming educational events or webinars that I will be participating in, so keep an eye out for these invites as well!


Several popular scanning platforms used by our members:

  • Market Club from INO.com (free daily updates)
  • TC2000
  • Trade-ideas.com
  • Think or Swim


All participants are encouraged to send their watch lists to scanninggroup@gmail.com every week in list or excel format (please do not use commas or other dividers so that the lists are easy to upload). Not only will this be a great opportunity to expand upon your own scanning tools and skills, but it will also open up a window into which scanning platforms are truly generating the best results and more eyes are always better than one! To make sure I get a chance to review your list before each session, make sure to send it prior to 11 am ET on Friday (although you may send it anytime throughout the week).

I'll see you there!

All my best,

Toni Hansen