Alan Farley"The business of trading has boomed in recent years. Websites and bookshelves now offer a wide variety of commercial products, all designed to help you trade like a pro. But much has been lost in the rush to build state-of-the-art technical trading tools. The truth is the market will never give up its gifts so easily.

Contrary to popular opinion, you can’t make money with technical analysis. This venerable art presents only a passive view of rapidly changing information. Neither a candlestick pattern nor a moving average crossover can tell you where to buy or sell. Only skilled execution and risk management will actually yield the fruits of a profitable trade.Technical knowledge by itself has little value. Learning price patterns or memorizing setups is only a baby step in trading education. But many students stop there, thinking they’ve learned enough to succeed in the trading game. Unfortunately, they don’t recognize their considerable danger. Limited knowledge has lulled them into a false sense of security. They misinterpret their ability to see as the power to trade.

The more difficult but successful path lies in the application of perfect market timing and skilled trade execution. Actions speak much louder than words…or even price charts with lots of trendlines.

Few trading educators these days teach their students to approach the markets from this seat of power. Yet this is the path that opens the door to consistent trading performance. Perhaps teachers have become so enamored with multimedia and high tech that they’re forgotten the markets have not really changed at all in the past century.

Toni Hansen is one of the few contemporary trading mentors able to speak from this seat of power. Her depth of understanding rivals the greatest educators of our day. Her methods are simple, yet profound: she teaches students to study the markets from the inside out. She also shows them how to overcome the knowledge game, and trade successfully.

Toni’s unique point of view opens the door of opportunity for the serious student of the financial markets. She takes her readers well beyond simple concepts, and into the realm of understanding and trade mastery. Study her CD course and profit from it!"

- Alan S. Farley - Author of: The Master Swing Trader Editor/Publisher – Hard Right Edge

Robert TauToni has innovative ideas on trading the market. Rather than to rehash the some old technical charts, Toni's experience in music has given her insights into the financial markets that other market technicians have yet to understand. Her educational materials are highly recommended for the serious trader or investor. - Robert Tau Consultant at Investment Bank

Dan PassarelliToni is absolutely among the best in her field. I've happily collaborated with her in the past on a few projects. In all cases, my students responded well to her expertise and professionalism. Toni is a class act. - Dan Passarelli, CEO of Market Taker Mentoring LLC

Toni TurnerToni Hansen has a fantastic grasp of the financial markets and is an excellent market technician. I have watched her present at financial conferences, and she is an exellent educator and speaker. - Toni Turner, President of TrendStar Group, Inc.

Toni's market analysis and delivery is both in depth and eminently practical - the perfect combo for any trader looking to augment his or her edge. Without question, Toni is a trader and technician I respect and am thrilled to recommend. - David T Bush, CIO @ ALPHATATIVE, Creator of STRATVERSIFY®

Toni is a real expert in trading and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended. - Steve Demarest, President at MB Trading

Toni wrote fantastic educational articles on the markets for SFO magazine while I was editor there. She is an excellent writer, trader and market analyst. - Kira Brecht,Market Analyst/Financial Markets Writer and Editor

Much of what I know about technical analysis and its application is from Toni Hansen Sever. Thanks Toni! - Gig Miller

Dear Toni, I want to thank you for sharing the knowledge and insights you have gained over the years as a professional trader. I would recommend your CD and mentoring to anyone serious about consistantly making money in the market, regardless of market conditions. As an experienced investor who has watched you firsthand, it is clear that you are a world class trader. Thanks for helping me become a better trader. - Guy Allen, Florida

I owe you so much when it comes to my development as a trader. You have been a guiding light... I will always look back on you as a key element in that success. Thank you so very much..." - Greg

Anyone who is trading needs your guidance for the education of trading. Your education of trading aspects is the GREATEST thing I have ever used. I learned more in two weeks from you, than from any books I read. THANKS AGAIN! - Clarence E. Austin

I'm done for the day and am very pleased...I have taken all your calls and follow them to the T...the NQ ones that is (trade QQQQ) and I play the gaps in the morning also (I'll take the 71% chance anytime)...I have turned myself around...First time in months...Thank-you! - Richard Widen

I hope that everyone truly understands just how fundamentally sound and accurate your market trading strategies and concepts are. I have been trading for quite some time, and I just want you to know that I have been so very impressed with your substance based upon sound trading fundamentals and not "fluff" THANK YOU.......... - Randall Morrow

I owe a great deal to you for giving me the knowledge to trade and take money out of the markets under any market conditions and also the discipline to know when to stay out and wait for favorable and lower risk opportunities. Thank you! - Raymond Simpson

Thanks so much for all of the help and support you have given me, without which, I am sure I would have lost thousands of dollars. I have read many books and taken several trading courses over the last several years to prepare myself for my trading career, which has been helpful. However, little did I know, how ill prepared I really was when I started trading. I am convinced that I would have fallen flat on my face within the first few months without the daily mentoring I received from you. Your concise explanations of trading strategies, setups and real-time commentary have made a huge difference. Thanks for teaching me the difference between being just a trader versus a “smart” trader. Sincerely, - Susan Johnson

You have a unique talent for teaching with clarity and a style that supports your clients without embarrassing them about what they don't know. Great teachers seem to have a knack of developing a desire in their students that challenges them to learn more - I'm certain you accomplish this. On top of it all, you deliver the goods with a refreshing sense of humor. THANK YOU!! - Bill Chmura

Toni, you really do have the power to change the direction of peoples lives, keep up the good work! Rather than wondering how much longer I could last, I'm looking forward to a long career in trading. Thanks Toni! - Bill Howard

I just wanted to thank you again. I was up 37% in June. You have turned me around. Keep teaching and I'll keep trying to learn and improve. - Tom Cecil